Flying is one of the world’s great pleasures and gaining a Private Pilot License is a very satisfying personal achievement. If you’ve flown before, you already know that little else compares to the sense of freedom, adventure and enriched leisure time. If you haven’t flown, you can discover the pleasure when you take the controls on your first instructional flight!

The RRFC is pleased to offer Trial Instruction Flights (TIF) at the dual aircraft hire rate. Your instructor will gladly provide a pre-flight safety brief, a 30-minute dual flight in our primary training aircraft and a debrief afterwards. You will sit in the command seat and experience basic flight manoeuvres with a fully qualified instructor right beside you. And yes, you will get to take the controls if you want to – it’s a great way to decide if flying really is for you!

The Club also conducts limited flying training (under a CASA Part 141 License) to Private Pilot License level, as well as Night VFR rating, plus Constant Speed and Retractable Undercarriage endorsements. Pilots are then referred to the variety of other Sydney-based flying training organisations for advanced courses of instruction such as Commercial Pilot, Instrument ratings, Tailwheel, Aerobatic and Multi-Engine endorsements. The RRFC also welcomes anyone contemplating a professional career as an ADF Pilot to undertake flying confidence flight(s) prior to attempting ADF Flight Screening at Tamworth – many of our past members have successfully graduated past the ADF Flight Screening phase.

To minimise interruptions to military air activity, the Club operates Friday afternoons, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, but may fly at other times subject to instructor availability, weather and approval from Air Traffic Control. The Clubhouse is well organised with all the facilities needed for flight preparation.

The Club maintains a small fleet of single-engine aircraft for general hire by members and hosts regular BBQs, fly-aways and other social activities.

If you already have access to the Base, please drop by the Club any weekend to chat and see what’s on offer.