Instructors & Committee

The Head of Operations (HOO), Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) and annually elected Committee manage the day-to-day operations and administration of the Club. Our thanks go out to all those who voluntarily contribute so much of their time and effort to benefit others.

Office Bearers
President – FLTLT  Aaron Whittaker
Vice President – FLTLT Miklos Zollosi
Secretary – WO Jason McGraw
Treasurer – LAC Travis Rozario

CASA/RAAF Appointees
Head of Operations / Chief Flying Instructor – Mark Kaassamani
Safety Officer – WOFF Chris Sinfield

Voluntary committee
Property Member– Mr Mathew Khouri
Maintenance Member – Mr Brad Franks
Membership Member – Mr Matthias Braun
Bookkeeper – Mr Geoff Glanville (CPA)
Deputy Secretary – Mr Rob Laird
Deputy Property  – Mr Chris Sinfield
Deputy Treasurer – Mr Peter Norris
Social Member – Mr Tim Kelly
Duty Pilot Coordinator – Mr Brett Redman
Webmaster – Mr Darin McLean